Jewel-Toned Mexican Inspired Wedding Cake Tutoriral


Skill level: Intermediate

This wedding cake was created for a dear friend who wanted her cake to show the coming together of two cultures. I wanted to do something bold with deep jewel tones of purple and dark blue with pops of fuchsia flowers.

Note: The Fuchsia flowers, buds and berries tutorial is NOT INCLUDED in this tutorial. This tutorial only covers the making of the wedding cake, not the flowers.

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Skill level: Intermediate

Learn how to make a sculpted pirate ship cake with edible sails, yummy chocolate details, buttercream waves that are airbrushed to perfection and some really incredible cannons that shoot real fireworks! This cake is sure to be a real show-stopper! Tutorial includes templates for sculpting the cake shape, sail templates, recipes and product links to all the supplies used in this tutorial.

2:03:22 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • How to form a boat out of cake
  • Make realistic ocean waves out of buttercream
  • A cool technique to make kraken tentacles
  • How to insert working firework cannons into the pirate ship cake
  • An easy way to insert LED lights onto the captain’s deck
  • How to create realistic wooden texture and planks for the ship
  • And a super-cool feature: edible ship sails

Tutorial Chapters

  1. Carving the ship 1:22
  2. Stacking the cake 6:54
  3. Crumb coating the ship 19:00
  4. Making the edible sails 21:40
  5. Paneling the cake with modeling chocolate 24:44
  6. Creating the cake board 51:04
  7. Attaching the front bow 53:18
  8. Making the cannons 54:56
  9. Adding the trim 1:03:10
  10. Adding details below cabin 1:08:40
  11. Creating the interior details of the ship 1:10:14
  12. Sculpting the mermaid on the front of the ship 1:19:18
  13. Assembling the masts 1:25:26
  14. Airbrushing 1:35:12
  15. Making the decorative element 1:38:36
  16. Attaching the LED lights to the back of the ship 1:39:36
  17. Attaching decorative element 1:43:50
  18. Hand painting the ship 1:44:22
  19. Attaching sails to ship 1:45:32
  20. Making the water waves 1:50:00
  21. Creating the kraken tentacles 1:53:56
  22. Hand painting finishing details 1:59:52
  23. Airbrushing finishing details 2:00:32

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