Cake Structure Basics


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Skill level: Newb

Welcome to Cake Basics: Cake Structures, our video all about making your very own cake structures using a variety of materials. Getting a cake structure right can be one of the most challenging tasks for a cake decorator starting out learning sculpted cakes, and in this tutorial, I break down all the pros and cons of 3 different types of cake structures, how to scale a reference picture to make a structure that supports any design, and why you would chose one structure over another. I cover all the materials you will need for each structure and my thought process when problem-solving a structure to fit each unique project. There’s a lot to cover in this tutorial, so let’s get our tools together and let’s get started!

1:26:14 Minutes of Instruction

What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to create 3 different types of cake structures
  • How to scale and plan out a cake structure based on a reference photo
  • Learn how the materials and tools needed for each type of cake structure
  • Several tips and tricks to plan out and make whatever structure you might need for your specific project

Tutorial Chapters

  1. PVC Structure
  2. Tools & Materials 0:30
  3. Setting the Scale 6:50
  4. Cutting PVC & Adjusting 22:05
  5. Assembling 28:24
  6. Threaded Rod Structure
  7. Materials & tools 43:32
  8. Measuring & scaling 48:15
  9. Cutting threaded rod 59:11
  10. Assembly 1:01:10
  11. Multi-Material Structure
  12. Planning & scaling 1:07:06
  13. Cutting threaded rod & wood 1:14:35
  14. Structure assembly 1:16:38
  15. Making armature arms 1:19:27


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